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Industrial machine parts supply

Our main business is the production and supply of component parts for various general machinery, industrial machinery, etc.

We provide high-quality products that reflect the technological capabilities we have cultivated over many years of manufacturing automobile parts, and our customers are satisfied with them.

We carefully examine the process from material procurement to delivery for the requested product, and thoroughly design the process with the aim of eliminating waste to the utmost.

By selecting the optimal process design, processing method, etc., we are able to propose reasonable and inexpensive prices.

Our production equipment ranges from general-purpose processing machines to state-of-the-art laser processing machines, NC multi-axis processing machines, and surface treatment and painting equipment.

We can handle products with general tolerances to micron tolerances.

​We have production capacity from one-piece prototypes to mass production of tens of thousands of units.

We can manufacture products from any drawing data such as punch pictures, 2D drawings, 3D CAD data, etc.

Please feel free to contact us regarding estimates etc.

Compatible materials

●General metals

●General non-ferrous metals

●General resin​

Processing method

●Sheet metal/can manufacturing

●Cold forging

●Pipe processing

●Cutting processing

●Press processing

●Various welding

●Various surface treatments

●Lost wax


laser processing
milling tools
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