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​Business information

​Auto parts supply
Auto parts manufacturing supply

For 34 years since our company was founded, we have a track record of continuously supplying parts to several major domestic automobile manufacturers.

​We provide products that meet strict quality standards. ​

Industrial machine parts supply
Industrial machine parts manufacturing supply

We also accept processing and production of component parts for various general machinery, industrial machinery, etc.

We provide quality products that reflect the technological capabilities we have cultivated through the manufacturing of automobile parts.

​Product assembly, electrical wiring
product assembly

We handle assembly, electrical wiring, inspection, and delivery of various mechanical products​​.

​Please feel free to contact us regarding product assembly, subassembly, etc.

​Material procurement
Material procurement

We also accept procurement and delivery of various metals, light metals, resins, and special materials.

In addition to standard products, we can handle all kinds of materials, including materials with designated ingredients and special materials.

​Mechanical parts, mechanism design
Machine mechanism design

We also undertake various mechanical parts/mechanism design work.

​We can handle everything from concept to basic/detailed design to inspection evaluation to delivery upon request.

We are fully equipped with various 2D/3D CAD data compatible equipment.

​Measurement, evaluation
Measurement Evaluation

Using the latest digital microscope, it is possible to take enlarged 2D/3D images and measure dimensions/area of any object.

It can be used for surface analysis of mechanical materials, food, living things, authenticity determination, etc.

​For individuals and general customers
​For individuals and general customers

​At our company, we would be happy to help individuals and the general public with their passion for manufacturing.

Please feel free to contact us as we will assist you in producing one-off parts in all fields and making your dreams come true.

​Product temporary storage and delivery agency
​Product temporary storage and delivery agency

​We also accept temporary storage and delivery of products requested to be manufactured to our company.

​We also accept packing and shipping services from our warehouse attached to our head office.

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