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​☆Internal network☆

We are promoting digitization of all internal and external business processes as much as possible.
Through this, we are pursuing a system that can promote labor-saving and high efficiency operations and quickly respond to customer requests that require speed.

First, we have introduced a cloud system via the Internet as our core system.

We have adopted IT-based management and processing methods for the items listed below.

◎Electronic processing of internal data such as various accounting, approval, approval, etc.

◎Issuance and management of accurate estimates, order forms, etc. by linking with cloud accounting system

◎Converting various documents, drawings, etc. into electronic data

◎Management of all employees' work, production processes, schedules, etc. using electronic data


​We aim to save labor and increase efficiency by centrally managing each type of data as electronic data in our core system.

​We also have electronic data encryption and multiple backup systems in place to prepare for unexpected situations.

​ By introducing a cloud system, we are pursuing equipment that can respond to customer requests 24 hours a day via the Internet environment.

For communication between employees, we use a real-time chat system using mobile devices.
This reduces the number of man-hours required for document input, and greatly improves the speed of communicating and responding to messages compared to using email.

☆Our system image☆

At our company, we have eliminated paper-based information transmission as much as possible and have introduced a business system that uses electronic data.

Incoming faxes are automatically converted into electronic data and automatically sorted and saved in folders for each sender set within the cloud system.

By fax as abovesending and receiving informationBy introducing the latest equipmentWe are compatible.

When a fax is received, the person in charge is immediately notified of the receipt on their terminal, etc., so compared to paper media, the time difference in understanding the received content is significantly reduced.

We also have a complete information sharing system not only between the person in charge but also among all employees.I am.       

☆​Internal monitor network☆

Our company has large online monitors installed in each area including the head office, conference rooms, online rooms, testing rooms, and warehouses.


Each monitor displays and updates information on each business/production schedule, notifications, etc. by multiple business managers in real time to inform employees and manage business operations.


We also have a system in place that allows operational managers to monitor progress in real time by updating feedback on work status from the production site.


All monitors are also used for online meetings, and are compatible with the current situation where telework is recommended to avoid infection with the coronavirus.


Regarding inventory management, we use digital management based on online data from the field and update inventory changes every business day.

This allows us to perform sound inventory management and accounting operations.



☆​Examination room scheduler

laboratory monitor

☆​Multipurpose online room

Multipurpose room 01
Multipurpose room 02
Multipurpose room interior

As mentioned above, we continue to introduce the latest technology and equipment, and create a system that allows our employees to check and share information to carry out their work day and night, regardless of location. We would like to provide services that will satisfy you.

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