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Message from
the President

Thank you very much everyone for your continued support.
I am Akisada Sano, our representative.
​We would like to talk to you about our management philosophy.

As history has proven, crises of all kinds occur over and over again in various aspects. 
Based on the past history of growth of the modern Japanese economy, I believe that there was a mindset that ''
something could be done'' even in the event of a recession or economic crisis.


However, now and in the future, we are in an era where ''things will work out somehow'' no longer applies.
It is natural for people to have a heightened sense of crisis when faced with an emergency.

The essence of the purpose and definition of a company's activities is to continue to create new customers in addition to existing customers.
I always maintain an extremely high sense of crisis even in normal times, andRather than adapting to changes in the economic environment such as recessions, we will maintain an attitude of viewing them as opportunities to create new value.We are keeping this in mind.

Since the advent and spread of the Internet, we have entered a society driven by information technology such as smartphones, big data, and the use of AI, and the situation regarding work styles and the way companies conduct business has condensed decades of changes into a few years. The acceleration is increasing rapidly.
Our business environment may be completely different 10 or 20 years from now.
It is clear that just because a methodology has worked well in the past does not necessarily mean that it will continue to work.
What is important is how far we can go in facing these irreversible trends.
In particular, regarding our business, we subjectively and objectively examine constantly evolving production technology and changing society, and strive to improve our business capabilities by following existing capabilities and introducing cutting-edge technology as much as possible. .

We would like to be a useful aid to our customers in their production activities.

Akisada Sano
Management policy

Accurately grasp latent needs arising from various changes, and provide information and systems that are attractive to customers.We aim to be a company and people that are always needed, with everyone possessing unparalleled responsiveness.

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